Online dating is the best. And the worst. But why does it have to be that way?


Knowing the right words to say in your dating profile—and knowing which words to avoid—can make all the difference and increase your chances of finding that special connection.  You may think you know what to say to best represent yourself to the online dating world – but our research reveals a few things you’ll want to consider before hitting that first keystroke.


Using online forums, one-on-one interviews and instant response dial technology,  we tested the language used in OKCupid profiles with focus groups consisting of single New York City-dwelling lads and ladies aged 23 to 39.  We identified the phrases that pique interest, buzzwords that turn people off and the insights on what to say and what not to say in the world of online dating.


Olga Campofreda of references out work in in the Italian online magazine DudeMag:


"Bentley McBentleson, a gentleman from the expert (who is not nowadays hipster dress with waistcoat and round glasses?) Went a long way in a series of recommendations aimed at improving the attractiveness of the profiles"

Liam Mathews of wrote about our presentation at Tekserve's Make Love Happen event.  I cannot tell you how much i enjoy this description:


"He six-four, has a hammy sense of humor, and is dressed like a hipster professor in a brown blazer, maroon vest, and multicolored wingtips."


Liam gives a very informed summary of the research presented that night.

WNYC Associate Producer Annmarie Fertoli's write up on Tekserve's Make Love Happen event.



Tekserve Blog

Stephanie Cotzomi's write up on Tekserve's Make Love Happen event.  Features a photo of me which should have the quote "I caught a fish thiiiiissssss big."



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